The story of Kennel Skylock starts back in 1992, where Laila gets the name "Skylock" listed as a breeding kennel for Golden Retrievers. This would only be the start of a many years of breeding work in Golden Retrievers. A Kennel name, which today is well known around the world. Many beautiful and lovely dogs in both Denmark and abroad are united by this name.

The first registered litter with the name Skylock was in 1997, since then even more dogs have been registered as skylock dogs during our breeding.
A passion and breeding work that has evolved and adapted over time, to the dogs that we proudly add names to today and continued to do so. Dogs we send out in the big world, ready for the new life challenges and ready for a new life in a different home, with its new family.

Today, Kennel Skylock consists of a team between Laila, Birgitte and Simone. 3 crazy dog ​​persons, who all love dogs and have a great passion for the beautiful golden retrievers.


The story of the three of us starts all the way back to 1995, where Birgitte and her husband's first golden was taking in care of by Laila's parents in their own dog pension. Through them, a friendship grew and as their dog grew older, Laila suggested the idea of ​​having a second dog.

It would soon prove that this particular dog, Skylock Gift of Faith, would not only the start of a unique and today - very old  and treasured friendship, but that she also became the first co-owned breeding female in our kennel.

Simone, who is the daughter of Birgitte, has always grown up with a lot of dogs around her and an insight in the life of a breeding Kennel. The kennel has therefor always been a natural common interest in our friendship as well as the passion for the dogs and our breeding.
As the years passed and the number of dogs grew, we now stood 3 people with 6 co-owned dogs and a close friendship that have been together through thick and thin the last many years.

In 2016, we all agreed that we should drive Kennel Skylock together. We have always consulted each other about the kennel and the breeding for the last 13 years, so a co-owned kennel was a natural way to go.
Especially when we all consider each other not only as best friends but also as equal partners, although Skylock was founded by Laila alone back in 1992.
We have not been in any doubt about the decision to have the kennel together - it was just the right thing to do.

We agreed that with our shared knowledge and approach to the dog world, would provide a solid foundation for our further breeding here at Kennel Skylock.

For us as breeders is very important that the dog's temperament is unique and stable, a dogs that rest in itself and isn’t afraid of new changes. Second we feel very strongly about the health in our Goldens, we breed and choose our combinations with a lot of care and research about the generations and their health results.

We are very dedicated to our breeding work and research for future litters. Our goal is to breed healthy, stable dogs with a good temperament that are both suitable for training, exhibitions and a least as wonderful family dogs - a true companion for life.