Enya is a stable, very trustworthy and loving bitch, who is always ready for new challenges. Enya is very curious and exploring for her surroundings and loves to experience new things. She is very willing when it comes to training and can work with both fieldwork and obedience. She is a bitch who is very energetic when she is out, whether its for exercise, exhibition, fieldworkd or in dog forest.

At home, Enya is a bitch who is very closely linked to the family. You can always find her in her favorite place in the couch. At home she is very calm, but is also ready if some of the other dogs are ready to play. Enya has performed very well, also for fieldtrail where she became best workning dog of the day with max points out of 14 entered dogs. All of that after only 2 weeks of training!


Max is a very beautiful, stable male dog, who rests in himself. He's a male with a fantastic temperment. He is extremely loving, and gladly gives his love unconditional to all he meets. Despite his very young age, he has already won very much at home and we are very excited about his future. At home, Max is very loving, attentive and curious, but also calmly in his surroundings. We're looking so much forward to the puppies after Enya and Max, as we expect puppies with lots of grumption, curiosity and not least beautiful, loving dogs, just like their parents. Dogs that can be used for exercise, exhibition and as fantastic family members.