Here at Kennel Skylock, the puppies are born inside the house together with the family and in the surroundings that provides the best possible comfort for the bitch while having puppies. After birth, the puppies are moved together with their mom, into their own room inside the house, so they remain part of the family throughout their upbringing. We believe that its important that the bitch and the puppies live as normal as possible while still being part of the pack and the family. For the new mom, it’s important for us, as far as possible not to change their routines and comfort, which she normally would have without the puppies.
The puppies therefore live for all 8 weeks inside the house together with the rest of us and the other dogs, as we consider it an important part of their emboss to become the solid independent puppies with lots of courage against everyday challenges. They are already used to be a part of a family with all that it implies such as noise from vacuuming, the other dogs and everyday sounds. Therefore, they are never alone at home during their upbringing here in the kennel.

The reason why the puppies are born and live inside the house with us for all 8 weeks, is because we feel it’s the best way for us to make the best influence on each of the puppies, a way to prepare them for their new lives with you, who will be their future family.

It means a lot to us that we can send a puppy away from home into a new family with the best possible conditions and with as much experiences as possible to tackle their new life and the challenges that come along. To make them feel secure on their new adventure, our puppies have been on several socialization adventures they have been out driving several times, to make them feel safe in a car. They have been on several trips in different unknown environments, such as a fieldtrips, visiting the city center, meeting buses and trains with noisy sounds and being talked to by a lot of sweet and strange people. We believe it’s an important job, to socialize them in the best way possible so they are ready to take the world together with their new family after 8 weeks in the safe habits with us in the kennel.

We feel very strongly about the importance of the puppies getting the best start into life as possible. That's why we’re very aware about the settings that create the safe base for our bitches and the puppies. We also focus a lot on hygiene, care, socialization and environmental training. All factors that will help us finding the right match between our puppies and their new families. A new home and a new family that will meet the needs of socializing, activation and in particular intimacy for a puppy in a new and unknown life.

If you buy a puppy from kennel Skylock, you will not only get a faithful companion and a friend for life, you will also get a great indorsement from us as breeders. We will do everything to find the best match between the puppy and its new family. In addition, we also keep annual litter meeting and are always available by mail or telephone.

We are always ready to help with advice and guidance also with fieldwork, obedience training and exhibition.

A puppy from kennel Skylock is with DKK Pedigree, ID microchip, registration in Danish Dog Register, health certificate from the veterinarian, 3 x deworming treatment and DKK purchase agreement. The new family will also get a free puppy kit and some dogfood to get though the first couple of days.

When buying a puppy

It’s important to us that you, as a puppy buyer or new puppy-owner, have a well-known knowledge about the breed and its needs. It’s important to make sure that this particular breed and its demands suit your lifestyle and family.  You have to be sure of your choice of both breed and not least breeder. There are many ways to breed a golden retriever, and just as many breeders with sweet little golden puppies, puppies that all will melt your heart. Therefore, it is important that you study the possibilities so that you find the kennel that fulfill your demands and a breeder who will be the right match for you.

For us it’s a mutual agreement of trust when you choose to buy a puppy. It’s a decision that will affect one's life for many years in the future, so the decisions have to feel right for all of us.

If you are looking for a golden retriever puppy or just have some questions about us, you’re always welcome to contact us. We will always like to talk and tell some more about our lovely dogs, whether you are future puppy buyer or just curious about the breed in general.
We can always be contacted by telephone or by mail