.: OUR DOGS :.

Here at Kennel Skylock we have 9 breeding and studdogs, 5 males and 3 females. 
They all live together with us inside the house as a part of the family, because its very important for us to be in close contact with our dogs at all time. We teasure each as an individual but also a part of the family together as a pach.
We want our dogs to be close together, nomatter age or gender. A pack in full harmony and respect. 
Its important to us, that our dogs are very socilazed and kept in health and god condition. The dogs and us enjoy long walks in the forrest and at the beach, where they all just can be dogs and rund wild and free. Something we do several times a week with all of them. 
Another very important excersise for our dogs is swimming, because belive its an amaxing way to stay fit without any unnecessary stress on joints and body. We have a special agreement with a swimmingcenter, where we can excersie the dogs by swimming. 

For us its very important the our dogs always have the best possibly to become the best they can and we love to se them all devolp into the amazing dogs they all are.