Welcome to our whelpingbox

This whelpingbox will be updated continuosly with pictures of Enya and the puppie. Follow this page and read more about the process and we'll keep updatning about Enya and the future arrival of the puppies. 


DAY 30. 
Once again we had to expan puppyland. The puppies have now grown to a certain size, that they don't use the whelpingbox anymore. So the whelpingbox was removed and they now have a lot more space to play on. 


DAY 28. 
Today the puppies turn 4 weeks old - time flies and they keep us busy in the whelpingbox. They just keep getting more and more cute as the days passes. Today they have been on a trip, practicing driving by car and a trip to the vet for microchip. They all did so well! No one complained at the vet or in the car - they slept all the way home <3


DAY 27
We have been busy today. The puppies had visit from their soon to be new families. We don't think there's any doubt about how excited they are to get their new member of the family home in about 4 weeks.


DAY 25
It's not only us, who's excited about the puppies living in the house. Huxie loves them and he has a lot of joy spending time with them. The play and have fun, he's so gentle and kind. They can attack and bite him and he dosen't care. We don't think there excits a better play uncle than him!


DAY 24
There's happening a lot of new things these days, the puppies grow and turns slowly into small dogs. They even started drinking from a bowl now, which sometimes results in a quick shower for some of them. The water bowl is somehow one of their favorite sleeping spots, we don't understand why <3


DAY 23.
Enviromental training of the puppies is something we think is very important, and something we spend a lot of time on through their upbringing. We try to introduce the puppies to a lot of different sound as they grow up. We belive it's very important to make them feel safe no matter what kind of noise they experience. It take som adjustment to hear noises from busses, policecars and firework. We use a special sound CD with contains everyday noises from the enviroment and from the city. We start using this CD on low volume, and as the puppies get used to it, we gradually turn i up. This CD is also given to our puppybuyers, so they can continue the pratice at home. 


DAY 22.
A lot of new impressions these days, the puppies have met their new families for the first time, the whelpingbox has been expanded and there's now a lot of new space to explore and to play on. All of that combined with the puppies starting to eat real puppy food is something even the most energetic puppy, at some point has to surrender to. Sometimes you just need to relax - no matter where you fall asleep :-P


DAY 21.
Allready 3 weeks old! We can't believe that the puppies allready is turing 2 weeks old today. 3 weeks is a big step, it means we have to expan the whelpingbox and the puppies now will be introduced to real puppy food - both always seems to be a great succes !
They now reaches an age, where they all try to explore on their own and its so amazing and funny to watch them develop into "small dogs". 


DAY 20.
There's joy and happines in the whelpingbox these days. After the puppies opened their eyes and the fact that they now are able to hear, they're busy exploring the new "world" in front of them. But it takes a lot of energy to explore when its all so new and exciting, therefore the puppies still need a lot of sleep - something they're very good at. Alternative sleeping positions are also somthing new and worth trying, just take a look at the pictures below. 

Yesterday the puppies had a visit from their new and soon to be families. So you can only imagine how much love and kisses was shared from the families to the puppies and the other way around. Even some of the puppies new names were revealed. We're sure that the puppies are just as excited as their new families - eventhough we know it's hard to wait ;-)


DAY 14. 
2 weeks old - and now with open eyes! All the puppies have opened their eyes and they look so cute! 
When the puppies start to see, they also develop their hearing. We can tell, that it has begun. Some puppies think they have to give an early moring concert now that they can hear, because hearing and howling is just a fantastic combination :-P
Maybe they're going for the gold medal, but howling can also be very tireing <3 


DAY 12. 
The puppies are only getting even more adorable as the days go by, they have started to show some signs, that they soon will open their eyes - we're so excited. While waiting on this big step ahead, they puppies spend most of the day eating, sleeping and of cause a lot of love <3


DAY 9. 
Today hasn't been a favorite day if you ask the puppies. Today they got their first deworming treatment and the flavour wasn't a succes. They prefer the milk it seems ;-) But luckily mom Enya was ready right after with a comfort drink from the milkbar, suddenly it didn't seem so bad after all - just look at Mr. Green. 


DAY 7. 
Time flies in the whelpingbox and the puppies are already 1 week old now! A lot have happend the past week; the birthweight is almost doubled, they now have black pigmentation and the whelpingbox have a few new visitors - new toys, which the puppies love to use when sleeping. 
We have also started nail clipping, an important rutine so they all can get used to a mani- and pedicure ;-) 
Enjoy the pictures. 


DAY 4. 
The puppies are doing great, they eat and sleep, eat and sleep - life is easy when being a puppy. The puppies are born with soft pink noses and feets, but now the pigmentation in their paws and noses has started to appear. We're totallty in love with their tiny black paws, aren't you?


DAY 1. 
Day one i puppy wonderland has been quiet and easy. Enya has been resting after the birth yesterday and nursing the puppies like the perfect mom she is. 
Enya and the puppies are doing great, enjoying the silence and quite space in the whelpingbox. The "milkbar" is open, and the puppies are thriving - some allready gained 50g! 
Enjoy the pictures of the newborns <3


Enya has given birth to 8 lovely puppies - 4 males and 4 females. Both Enya and all the puppies are doing great. Enya was a supermom while giving birth to the litter. She's such a lovling and caring mom, she truely loves her new babies. 


Eventhough Enya is very much pregnant, she still enjoys her favorite spot in the couch. Here she loves to relax and not a least to keep an eye on the garden - nothing gets pass her attention ;-) 


This i how Enya looked last time she was expecting puppies with only 6 days to birth back in 2016. 


Enya (Skylock City Glam) has been to the vet today, to get a x-ray and ultrasound of her stomach and all the puppies inside. 
Its important to us and the safty of Enya when giving birth, that we have an idea of the number of puppies. 
As you can see they're quite packed and there's still a while to the beginning of February and the arrival of the puppies! 

Take a look and see how many puppies you can count :-)


Enya's stomach grows and grows, she's so big now, that a new dog bed was necessary. Normally Enya is sleeping in a round bed, but the stomach dosen't fit there anymore without Enya feeling discomfort. When you see the picture, its clear why.


Enya gets weekly weighed and measured so we can follow her progress in the pregnancy, she is getting bigger and bigger now. 


Now that Enya is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound, it's time to start feeding with Flatazor Puppy. We switch to Flatazor Puppy because of the high contant of energy and nutrition, which is important for the growth and development of the puppies. Read more about Flatazor puppy below, by clicking on the link.


Enya is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound. We're expecting puppies in the beginning of February.